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for #EveryGirl at Lake Chapala to become Educated, Empowered, Aware


Hana Figueroa is our DFG Lake Chapala Menstrual Health Ambassador. In addition to managing and providing the distribution of DFG kits and education for girls, Hana brings menstrual and sexual education to a higher level. And great news! Elena Ceballos has joined our team as our second Menstrual Health Ambassador.


Personal Care kits

Local volunteers make hand sewn menstrual pads and personal care kits which provide sustainable hygiene solutions to allow girls to stay in school. Each girl who receives a kit also receives a message that she is seen, valued and loved. DFG education and kits literally turn Periods into Pathways for girls. The kits keep girls in school.

personal care kit

i will rise

"I Will Rise" is an original song written by Hana. It has a powerful message - that girls’ aspirations are meaningful and that they have the drive necessary to reach their dreams. If we believe in them, and support them with what they need, they will soar, they will thrive, they will succeed.

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