Myra Williams

The Assembly Team

Kathy Garcia with Bev Letourneau
Julie Schmidt and Mindy Pinkus
Our “Assembly Volunteers” kick into action on an on-call basis.  When additional kits are needed, about a dozen volunteers from our local Days for Girls Team gather to assemble component parts that make up the sustainable menstrual management kits we provide to girls.  

The volunteers meet at La Bodega Restaurant and in assembly line fashion, fill the bags with leak-proof shields, hand-sewn absorbent flannel liners, panties, soap, zip-lock bags, and instructions.  

14 hours of volunteer time are provided by volunteer “sewists” from the fabric bolt to the final product for each kit. The kits are distributed to girls in marginalized areas around lakeside along with ten hours of education, typically over the course of one week.  The classes, conducted by a trained professional, include a variety of topics about menstruation, fertility awareness, leadership and safety.
Kathy Garcia
Cheryl Stordahl
Arlene Schubert
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