Cathleen and Sam

 – Putting together a shield kit for the DFG program has very specific guidelines for the pattern and sewing assembly. And putting in the snap closure, or “snapping” as it’s called, is one of the most challenging parts.

Two volunteers, Sam and Cathleen are expert snappers and Sam’s husband helped to make the snapping machine work better for the group.

Sam, a summer volunteer with Days for Girls in Courtney, B.C., attended a Days for Girls Lake Chapala fundraiser/friend raiser at a neighbor’s home in 2017 and immediately got involved. She knew that Cathleen sewed and decided to “grab her” to volunteer. When Darlene Macleod expressed the need for “snappers” for the kit shields, they replied “we can snap.”

Sam grew up in Alabama and immigrated to Canada in 1976, she is  a retired communications consultant and a self proclaimed computer nerd. She has been spending winters in Ajijic since 2010. 
Cathleen was born and raised in Delaware and came to Ajijic via Seattle in 2008. She has a background in real estate and owns Chapala Property Managment & Concierge.
Sam and Cathleen met in 2010 while Cathleen was their property manager. They have been friends ever since.
Sam’s husband decided to help and perfected the snapping machine to make it easier and faster. 
Important to both is the camaraderie of the group working in a very tangible way with shared values. They express the motivation of empowering girls and women. The importance of education, a sustainable product and most importantly women helping women. As girls learn about their bodies through the FLUYE education program, the shame and taboo transform into confidence and self esteem. The importance of education takes on a new meaning and a shift towards a positive mindset on what it means to be female. With a look to the future and the hopes of helping girls and women move to their place at the “table,” become more active and assume leadership roles in their communities, their country and our world. When women step in to help women and girls — there is a change in the community. This is the impact and power of Days for Girls Lake Chapala. 
When asked for a word that describes how being a volunteer with Days for Girls Lake Chapala makes them feel — Sam’s word is purposeful, and Cathleen expresses hopeful.

​From all of us at Days for Girls Lake Chapala, a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Sam and Cathleen.

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