Debbie Mitchell & Cindi Williams

 – Love in every stitch we sew” friendship grows for Days for Girls Lake Chapala

Debbie is from Littleton, Colorado and is a crafter extraordinaire. Back in Littleton she owned and ran a very successful vintage shop. She moved to west Ajijic with her husband in March 2016. 

Cindi is from Edmonton, Alberta and had a 26 year career with Alberta Canada’s 2nd largest school district in Education Administration. Her and her husband found a home in west Ajijic 2 1/2 years ago.

As fate would have it they both moved to the same community, and it is there while walking their family pets Honey and Sadie they struck up a friendship. Both were looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity. 

Debbie was introduced to Days for Girls in October 2016 by a friend, and was encouraged to attend a meeting in May 2017. She invited Cindi and after that first meeting and a distribution with Hana they were like most of us – hooked and committed to the mission and work of Days for Girls Lake Chapala!
Cindi started cutting the PUL, sewing shields and became a runner to pick up and drop off the pieces. Debbie sews the pockets on to the shields.

Important to both of these women is the direct impact Days for Girls has on the daily lives of the girls. As the girls learn about their bodies through the FLUYE education program, the shame and taboo transform into confidence and self-esteem. The importance of education, empowerment, self-assurance and pride the girls are receiving from all the women and men that take part in Days for Girls – sends a powerful message of unity and understanding that moves across language, borders and cultural differences to a place of deep connections.

When asked for a word that describes how being a volunteer with Days for Girls Lake Chapala makes them feel — Debbie’s word is United, and Cindi’s is Blessed.

From all of us at Days for Girls Lake Chapala a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Debbie and Cindi.

 From Debbie Mitchell:
–Why is this important to you?  There are so many reasons why DFG is important to me.
 I went to a distribution and saw for myself these young girls receive this powerful information about their bodies it was a game changer for me. Most showed up nervous and unsure what we truly were all about. By the end of the afternoon the enlightenment and pride I saw in their face was overwhelming.  If I can make a difference in just one gir’ls life it would be enough for me. The love our team has for these girls is in every stitch we sew.

–One thing about you that would surprise people?
I was a Parachute Rigger in the US Navy.

From Cindi Williams:
–Why is this important to you?  Days for Girls is important to me in many ways.  I guess most important is that I come from an Education career in Canada and I am a firm, firm supporter of education being the key to anyone’s life.  If we can help these young ladies continue with their education, it truly will make the world/Mexico a better place. They are our future and to have the confidence in themselves will help us all in the end.  

 –One thing about you that would surprise people?  
I am finding I have a “bit” of an artistic self!!!  Shocking, absolutely shocking! 

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