FLUYE Menstrual Education, Fertility Awareness and

Mindful Sexuality for Teenagers

Concept —
FLUYE was developed to expand the educational component which is offered by Days for Girls International globally. Here at Lake Chapala, we provide 12 hours of health education rather than the standard three-hour model.
Provided with each of our DFG distributions, our health education includes a variety of topics about menstruation, leadership, and safety. We also involve boys in the education and self-awareness process for change. We created new tools to ensure positive outcomes to better achieve the DFG mission.

That is how FLUYE – which means FLOWING – began. Fluye refers not only to the menstrual flow but to the physiological environment (fluids!) of sexuality and life itself. Fluye became our extended version of the DFG educational program, created specifically for our lakeside girls and boys. 

Description of the program — 
FLUYE is a one-week program, with a 2-hour session for each day of the week (12-hour plan). Four days are oriented to GIRLS, with deepening information about menstruation, fertility awareness and self-care, and one day (3 hours) is dedicated to BOYS to tackle fundamental sexual education topics like menstruation acknowledgment, safe sex (pregnancy prevention), sexual consent and violence prevention. We provide additional sessions for teachers.

FLUYE is also making a real difference with a follow-up plan via social media, thereby developing a continued education and support system for girls. FLUYE´s fan page for all the girls who receive the training helps them to stay connected to Hana and to each other. Hana provides continued education and specific motivational information. Hana has developed the only on-line girls’ community dedicated to ensuring the empowerment of girls through our important and life-changing DFG mission.  

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