From Our New Ambassador Staff Member

I’m Elena, the new DFGLC Ambassador. I started to work with Days for Girls in September 2019 by preparing myself to deliver the Fluye program that Days for Girls provides in schools and communities. In August I shadowed Hana and attended her Fluye classes.  We spent many hours studying the program contents and sharing experiences from the field. 

On my first day doing a Fluye class by myself, I was feeling a little bit nervous. Nevertheless, I felt very supported by the organization. It was a beautiful group of 7th grade girls in the San Pedro Itzican secundaria school. The class went very well and the girls gave me their attention which made me feel comfortable and motivated. For each Fluye day, we have a specific presentation that guides us through the various topics of the class.  We talk about about menstruation, breaking the taboos and helping them to start to perceive menstruation as a wonderful gift to embrace and not be ashamed of. I am convinced that this core teaching of DFG is a life-changer for our girls. 

After having completed a Masters Degree in Sexual Education in 2015, I know that teaching girls during this crucial age how to care for themselves by learning about their bodies will lead them to make better decisions in the future. The visions of our program are to provide relevant information about women’s bodies and to create a positive relationship with the body as a foundation for  awareness, wellbeing and the ability to make good decisions. This is the basis of empowering girls: offering them practical tools so they are the ones to decide what they want and what is good for them. 

I have a great interest in discovering the needs of the younger generation and exploring ways to connect with them.  After these first months working with DFGLC, I am overjoyed with the outcomes and the possibilities. We have a great opportunity to help young girls as they mature to have safe, mindful and enriched sex lives.  I am convinced that our Fluye program is helping girls gain control over their own lives. I am grateful and enthusiastic to continue to be part of this prodigious team.

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