In-Kind Donations

There are three consignment shops at Lakeside which help Days for Girls in a new ways ….

  • Todo Bueno 
  • It’s Kinda Bazar … and it’s Kinda not
  • Mia’s Boutique

​When you consign your items at these stores, specify that the proceeds should go to Days for Girls. Thank you!

Todo Bueno

Todo Bueno is located on the Carretera at Hidalgo #231 near S&S Auto in Riberas and it has an extra bonus!
​Much of the proceeds from their sales go to benefit the Outreach Committee of St. Andrews Anglican Church.  In turn, the Outreach Committee allocates all of their money to local lakeside charities for specific, approved purposes.  

Days for Girls has received Outreach Committee grants:

  • to provide education and menstrual management kits to girls, 
  • to purchase audio/visual equipment for educational presentations for boys and girls, 
  • to develop our “Cycle-nary” models for teaching girls about their monthly cycles, and 
  • to purchase menstrual cups for distribution to older girls

When you consign your items to Todo Bueno under our Days for Girls account, you get a double-your-money benefit!

Mia's Boutique

You can also take your gently-used clothing and accessories to Mia’s Boutique.

Mia’s is open Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.  When you visit Mia’s you will be impressed with their outstanding inventory, the appearance of their store, their helpful staff, and the organization and quality of their items on display.


Carretera Ote #7, 45920 Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

​It's kinda BAZAR ... and Kinda not

Take your no-longer-needed furniture and household goods to It’s Kinda Bazar. 

100 E Hidalgo, In Riberas on the careterra. Phone.. cell 331 877 5410 Open Tuesday to Saturday 10-3

You can consign anything under the Days for Girls account at any of these stores. They will call us when they have money to pick up. Easy! It’s another way to benefit our girls at Lakeside.

DFG keeps girls in school.

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