New Ambassador Joins Hana

Please join us in welcoming Elena Ceballos, our new Menstrual Health Ambassador.  Elena has completed her on-line training with Days for Girls International and will assist Hana by conducting additional Fluye Educational programs with classes of girls in lakeside schools.
Elena shadowed Hana in a community-based Fluye in Zapotitan and in the high school Fluye in Jocotepec during August and will begin her solo classes in September at San Pedro Itzican secundaria and José Vasconcelos secundaria in Chapala. 
She will work on a part-time basis and lead one Fluye session each month until the end of the year.  The addition of Elena will help our team to reach even more girls and to provide more Fluye programs.  We are excited to expand our services with the addition of a second professional educator. 
Elena has more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and school principal in Mexico City.  She completed her Masters Degree in Sexual Education in 2015.   Elena has a great interest in discovering the needs of the younger generation and exploring ways of connecting with them.  Elena’s teaching abilities and professional experience make her a natural facilitator for our DFG program.  
Elena said this about joining our Team:  “What I have learned in my own professional practice is that sexual education is one of the main subjects that will make a change in people’s lives. They will make better decisions, they will know and respect their bodies, have healthy and better relations and understand the flexibility of roles. 
After learning about Days for Girls Lake Chapala and seeing the work that the team is doing, I see that we now have the opportunity to help young girls make better choices, thereby allowing them as they mature to have a more safe, mindful and enriched sex life.  I am convinced that with menstrual management and sexual education DFGLC is helping girls gain control over their own lives.  It is unmistakable that these tools serve not only them, but our society in general.
I’m grateful and eager to work in this beautiful and powerful organization.”
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