Norma Yau

 – ​​I found Days for Girls in my hometown of London, Ontario, Canada.

I belong to BPW (an international business and professional women’s group) and as chair of the programs for our local club’s dinner speaker series I am always looking for ideas and themes that involve women and girls. An article for Days for Girls came across my reading screen and I found the thought of what they were trying to do to help girls in remote areas of the world manage their menstrual periods very interesting.

Imagine my surprise about one year later when a friend in Lakeside, also from Canada but nowhere near where I live, started explaining what she was doing for her new project in the Ajijic area. I told her it sounded like this Days for Girls program I had read about and yes, it was the same organization. How connected is that? Bev Letourneau, Sewing Team Leader, you are amazing.

Days for Girls, Lake Chapala Mexico, does things a little differently than the worldwide organization, but not much. Imagine this:  helping or donating to this organization in Lakeside you are assisting girls in the remote and underprivileged areas of Lakeside. We who visit often only see the beautiful, prosperous side of this area, but there are still areas and people that need our help.

Donate, assist, stayed tuned for more information.  Whatever your choice, just be involved.

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