Our Days with the Girls: A Wonderful Experience with Chapala Girls!

-The Fluye sessions and distribution we conducted in November in José Vasconcelos secundaria school in Chapala were pure magic.  It felt to me that we are reaching our ideal with our work with the girls with full integration and participation.  The girls made a precious womb with flowers and their drawings while others sang around the circle to support the activity.  When the visual of the womb was finished, we “opened the circle”.  I created the intention for our “girls’ prayer” asking the girls to follow my words of intention.  The girls had their eyes closed and their hands over their hearts.  The silence and the energy in the room showed that they were feeling this profoundly. I then invited them to bring their drawings to the womb illustration they had created on the floor while saying out load what they liked and what they valued most about the whole experience.

 And the girls started to share, each one of them, with their most authentic words and feelings, what they felt.  The majority of them cried while sharing.  They all said that they valued having such an extraordinary space to connect with each other, to experience the sisterhood that I had told them about on our first Fluye day together.  

They thanked me and Days for Girls so, so, so much.  I wish I had recorded them so that you could listen to the way they expressed their gratitude with tears of joy and sadness as they didn’t want the Fluye sessions to end.  It was extremely touching and true.  I knew that much of the crying was caused by the intensity of the words we shared, so when the circle ended, I started to sing and they all joined and the energy shifted.  Then, I told them it was time for their present from DFG.  I reinforced the messages they had learned about sustainable menstrual management and then showed them the kits and did the representation of the use and care of it that makes us laugh so much and which we always enjoy.  They were all back to the center and laughing by the time we gave them their kits.  Just look at the group picture.  It takes me there to that place which now lives inside me, where I KNOW we are doing the right thing. 

 We are blessed and we are a blessing to every girl we reach.  

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