Our Awesome DFG Sew Team

Bev Letourneau leads the sew team here at Lake Chapala. Over the past three years we have recruited many sewing volunteers.  Currently we have 38 active volunteers who love to sew and they create the various kit components.

  • Waterproof menstrual shield
  • Washable flannel menstrual liners
  • Bright and colorful kit bags that later get filled with soap,
    washcloths,  instructions and panties

The volunteer Solo Sewist is an individual who uses her talents to sew DfG kit components in her home.  The Solo Sewist receives the fabric required, access to DfG copyrighted patterns and is fully supported by our DFGLC Team.

Here are just a few individuals on our 38-member sewing team.  We value each and every one of them.  Responsibilities vary in the level of skill needed.  If you have a sewing machine and wish to help, we can always use more volunteers.  Training and materials are provided and the work is done in your own home at your own pace.  If interested, contact us for more information.

Julie Schmidt cuts our shields and trains and manages the other volunteers who cut shields. Julie also manages the distribution of the shields. Her cut work is beyond perfect.
Sandi Lindsey is a very active DFG volunteer. She strings bags, assists with the assembly of kits, and helps with “piece management” as a runner, among many other duties.
Laurie Zibnack is in charge of volunteers who produce the carrying bags.
Becky McGuian assists Bev as a trainer for new sewing volunteers. Becky is in charge of shield production.
Barbara Manning makes both bags and liners. She also helps train other volunteers to sew liners.
Gathering in groups to sew is always an option (followed by lunch, of course!) but most of our volunteers sew in their own homes, at their own pace, whenever they have the time.
Some of our Sew Team members have great sewing skills like the ladies pictured here, but we also need volunteers to wash and iron fabric, and to do simple sewing tasks that even a beginner sewer with a machine could master quickly.
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