Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders

Darlene MacLeod is our Team Leader in charge of overall administration and team management.  Darlene and Bev started the local team at the end of 2016 and Lake Chapala became an official team of Days for Girls International in 2017.  Darlene is our “go-to” leader and the primary contact person for our team.  

“In December 2018, we reached our 1000th girl.  What an outstanding milestone for our team to have provided services to 1000 Lake Chapala girls in just two years of operation! By December 2019, we had reached 1800 girls.  I invite you to join our team to help us to reach…


Beverly Letourneau was our very first sewing volunteer to make DFG kits.  Bev and Darlene were the Founders of the Lake Chapala DFG Team.  Beverly has trained dozens of volunteers who make the hand-sewn components of our menstrual management kits – the carrying bags, backpacks, the pads and the shields.  In addition to being an amazing production machine, Bev provides management assistance to Darlene.

“I am honored to lead the sew team for DFGLC, producing beautiful handmade menstrual kits that provide a long-lasting feminine hygiene solution for Lakeside girls.”

Hana Figueroa Urías is the heart and soul of the local team and has been with us from the very beginning.  Employed as our primary Menstrual Health Ambassador, Hana is our professional interface with both lakeside communities and the local girls.  She contacts public schools and community groups to schedule the educational sessions that are a required component with every kit we provide to every girl.  Hana expanded the 3-hour classroom information recommended by our international organization to a 12-hour intensive, broad-based health education program, typically provided in 2-hour segments.  We cannot imagine having a more caring, capable leader to be our educator and key contact with girls.

“Helping local Mexican girls in this most personal way is my dream job.  I love that I get to teach, promote and help guide this fantastic group of dedicated volunteers, plus build and represent a quality program that educates and empowers women and girls.”
Educated.  Empowered. Aware.

Lu Wyland Leads our DFG Ambassadors Team for community education.  Lu and other key volunteers staff educational tables at community events, providing information about our program services.  


“So many lives are changed with every kit and every class DFG provides!  We change much more than just the lives of these girls, we change their whole family and improve the community as well.”

Myra Williams spent most of her professional life working in various management positions for nonprofits.  She brings that expertise to our Days for Girls management team. Myra helps assemble the kits we provide to girls, serves as an Education Ambassador, and assists as a volunteer with distributing kits to girls.


“When I arrived in Mexico two years ago, it was enormously important for me to find an organization that was aligned with my values and beliefs of lifting girls up and giving them an opportunity to be the best they can be.  Days For Girls Lake Chapala is that organization. I have seen with my own eyes and heart the difference the menstrual kits, comprehensive sex education and belief in the girls has made.
They know their country and our world needs them. Their voices are essential to the future and one girl and one kit at a time, those voices are being heard.”

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